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Summer Reset

Happy Summer! June 21 marked the official first day of summer. It was also the longest day of the year, where it seems the sun appears to standstill. Think about it – the sun metaphorically stops. In a way, summer solstice is a remind for us to stop and reset.

We may still be in the middle of a pandemic, but many of us are still getting out to enjoy a little summer fun in a safe, socially distanced way. Take some time to reset yourself. It’s been quite a polarizing year but you’re still here and you made it. While reflecting on what has happened, give your self some time to think about all of the things you want to accomplish.

Here are a few tips for a summer reset:

Purge. Have you been meaning to declutter and purge some things? Summer is a great time to do that. While you clean out your closet, clean out your mindset and negative thinking. Purge all negativity from your mind and focus on the positive. What we put out, we attract.

Reset. Have wanted to establish a new routine? Summer is a perfect time to reset your internal clock and establish new routine. Go for evening walks, read for 30 minutes, etc. I challenge you to reset negative and bad behavior and replace it with something that is good to you and for you.

Discover. Summertime means getting out and exploring. While you explore new locations and places, discover new things about yourself. Have people always told you that you were a great writer? Have people always commented on your outfits? Now is a great time to discover new and amazing things about yourself.

Summer may be a time for vacation and travel, but its also a great time of year to do a self-reflection. Look within and see what amazing things you discover about yourself.

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