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FitLife Wellness offers a number of workshops and webinars dedicated to helping our patients live their best and most fulfilling lives. Please see a list of our upcoming workshops below. 

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Fitlife Wellness LLC 2024 CEU Bundle: $150

The Bundle includes a combination of in-person, live virtual, and asynchronous workshops.

  • More than a trend: self-care for helping professionals 3/24/2024 9:45am-11:00am/EST-In Person (1-core Hour)

  • Are virtual platforms still a good fit for mental health services

       4/19/2024-virtual 11:45am-1pm/EST (1-Ethics Hour)

  • Handling Complex Cases in Healthcare

      6/14/2024 11:45am-1:30pm/EST (1.5 Ethics hours)

  • Treating the whole person: an integrative approach to psychotherapy -Asynchronous (1 core hour)

  • Thriving or surviving: stress management & work/life balance -Asynchronous (1 core hour)

  • The Big “B” All about boundaries.     

       Asynchronous (1 core hour)

Total: 6.5 hours (4 core, 2.5 ethics)-Approved by GSCSW



More Than A Trend: Self-care For The Helping Profession

In this workshop, we will have an in-depth conversation about the importance of self-care and the impact it has on reducing burnout and stress. We will explore ways to practice self-care in your personal and professional settings.


Are Virtual Platforms Still a Good Fit For Mental Health Services?

In this workshop, we will have an in-depth conversation about the current state of online mental health services. We will discuss the pros/cons of online platforms and their ability to meet the needs of clients.


Complex Cases in Healthcare: 

In this workshop, we take a deep dive into complex cases in healthcare settings, ethical concerns, and creative ways to approach them.



Thriving or Surviving: Stress Management & Worl-Life Balance for Professionals

In this workshop, participants will assess their current situation and learn ways to improve their stress management skills. We will self-reflect and explore new strategies to promote a healthier work-life balance.


The Big "B" All About Boundaries 

In this workshop, participants will evaluate their current use of boundaries in their personal and professional lives. We will discuss ways to create and maintain healthy boundaries and teach clients to do the same.


Treating The Whole Person: An Integrative Approach to Psychotherapy

In this workshop, we will take a deep dive into traditional and integrative approaches to psychotherapy. We will discuss the benefits of a whole-person approach.

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