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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! As you step into 2022, be patient with yourself. We often run to drastic goals, new resolutions, and extreme changes that put unwanted pressure on us. Throughout this year, a few keywords I want you to remember are grace, boundaries, stillness, support, and marathon.

Let’s break this down…

Grace is simply being kind and patient with yourself. We often freely give grace and acceptance to others but forget it’s essential to give it to ourselves. An example is having a full list of responsibilities on your list, and you forget one thing. Instead of being kind to yourself and considering how much you have going on, you beat yourself up about the one thing you forgot. Try taking a moment to acknowledge you have a full plate and, understandably, you forgot something. Let’s move to boundaries.

Boundaries are your way of protecting your space, time, and energy. When we hear the word boundaries, we automatically think of it as negative. Let’s think of what boundaries give us. Next up, stillness. Moments of stillness allow us the opportunity to breathe, think, or not be obligated to be all things at that moment. Stillness allows us a chance to meditate, renew our spirit and regroup. Give yourself more moments of this in 2022.

Support is a big one this year. Think about who supports you, uplifts you, allows you the space to be authentically you. Let’s move out of this idea of being so strong and independent we forget how important our support system is. We do not have to navigate everything alone.

I want to bring it all full circle with the word marathon. As you are on your journey, remember the importance of grace, boundaries, stillness, and support. These will carry through this marathon of a journey.

I like the phrase, “it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.” Let your journey be a marathon that allows you to be present along the way. Take time to process, heal, and transform.

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