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FitLife Wellness

FitLife Wellness, LLC is a private counseling practice dedicated to helping clients reach and achieve fulfilling and balanced living. The therapeutic focus is on the mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to empower you to reach your full potential in all areas of your life and by helping you to discover the inner resources that exist inside of you.



Practice Areas

FitLife Wellness, LLC provides private counseling services on a number of areas. 

  • Anxiety/Grief Counseling

  • Life Coaching

  • Individual/Couples Therapy

  • Stress Management

  • Depression

  • Comorbidity

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

  • Corporate Wellness

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2751 Buford Highway NE Atlanta, GA 30324
Phone: (404) 807-2770
Fax: (404) 829-2400

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 In case of emergency, please call 911   
 GCAL (Georgia Crisis and Access Line) (800) 715-4225    
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255