2751 Buford Highway NE Atlanta, GA 30324 ~ phone: (404) 807-2770 ~ fax: (404) 829-2400
  In case of emergency please call 911   
 GCAL (Georgia Crisis and Access Line) (800) 715-4225     National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255

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How Sessions Work

In Person: Simply call (404) 807-2770 and make an appointment to physically come into the office and have your session. 
$125-60 minute session-Individual
$200-60 minute session-Couples
Video Chat Session: Video chat sessions take place through the client portal. To attend your session you will use any device that has a camera, microphone, speaker and screen. Find a secure location that is private. Click on your appointment and then click "start session."
$125-60 minute session-Individual
$200-60 minute session-Couples
How to Register:
  1. Call or send a message. (We will make sure this is a good fit for you)
  2. Register on the client portal where we can communicate, you can schedule appointments, and see billing.
  3. Have your session in person or video chat.
How to handle technology issues: Technology issues are not typically expected, however they may occur. If you experience any technology issues when trying to attend your session, you can call (404) 807-2770.