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Four Lessons I Learned About Mindfulness

For the last 7 years, I’ve become a bit of a yoga enthusiast. I have practiced everything from Vinyasa to Hatha to Bikram, and love them all. What also has come out of my yoga practice is my increased awareness of mindfulness.

According to a Harvard Health article, “...the goal of any mindfulness technique is to achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment. This allows the mind to refocus on the present moment.

Yoga has been a great segue into my mindfulness practice and I want to share with you four lessons I have learned about mindfulness.

1. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere

Have you ever found yourself going for a walk and getting lost in your thoughts where you hear nothing but the wind blowing, the birds chirping and rustling of the trees? You have just experienced a mindful moment. I have learned that mindfulness can occur anywhere and anytime that you allow yourself to practice it.

2. Mindfulness = Meditation with Intention

When you practice mindfulness, you are willing yourself to meditate. You are deliberately aligning your mind and your body to focus on a single thought without any expectation. With everything you do, intention should be the driver.

3. Being Mindful is Being Present

As a mother, a wife, a friend, a business owner, and so many other titles to name, I have had to learn to be present when wearing a different hat - sometimes all at the same time. I’ve discussed before how being present has been a huge lesson learned during the 2020 pandemic. This same way of thinking has also carried over into my mindfulness practice. Be present and mindful in all that you do.

4. You CAN learn mindfulness

I didn’t learn how to be mindful overnight - no one has. Much like yoga, it’s a practice that you must do daily/regularly with the intention to get better at it each time. Maybe you start with daily 5 minute walks, or two minutes of affirmations in the morning - your mindfulness practice can be determined by you and only you.

As we continue to move forward into 2021, I challenge you to be more mindful in all that you do. Spend a few minutes each day practicing your deep breathing, center yourself and move with intention.

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