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Olivia Jones, LMSW

Having a sound mind, healthy body, and healed spirit are essential to reaching your highest potential and accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself. Like the process of having a healthy body, when working for a healthy mind and spirit, one needs determination, discipline, and sometimes guidance. While earning my master’s degree from Chicago State University, one of my professors described the role of a mental health professional as someone who helps to facilitate the healing process. It became my understanding that I am not the healer but someone who guides others by sharing the techniques that I’ve learned within my career. I became a therapist because I enjoy being a part of the healing process and watching clients build themselves up to the best version of themselves.


Therapy is not a one size fits all model. I find it best to meet my clients where they are in their journey and work as a team to get them to where they want to be. A few of my go-to methods are practicing mindfulness, using breathwork, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Together, we will build from your strengths to find the techniques that work best for you.


My goal is to be your support and help guide you through the process of healing your mind so that you can reach your full potential. It would be an honor to work with you as you embark on your healing journey!




Master of Social Work

Chicago State University (2021)

Bachelors of Science in Psychology

Howard University (2016)

(773) 270-1016