Before you go any further and read anything else, I want you to give yourself a pat on the back for making it here! Whether you got here on your own or with someone’s help, consider it progress because you cared enough to try. 

You are probably here because you realized that it is time for things to change. As your therapist I am not here to fix it. The fear, the anxiety, the depression, the pain that you feel is not uncommon. My role is to help you heal. Together we can work on reaching your full potential and reconnecting you to the person you know yourself to be. 

My name is Danica (duh·knee·kuh) Nestor. I am a Licensed Social Worker and 2nd year doctoral student at Howard University. I have extensive experience in various clinical settings ranging from neurosurgery/neurosciences medical social work to psychiatry, with a passion for breaking stigmas and normalizing the utilization of mental health services. I work to empower young adult men and women through intentional therapeutic services. Allow me to join alongside you on an incredibly worthwhile journey.

Danica Nestor, LMSW, LGSW


PhD of Social Work (In Progress)

Howard University

Masters of Social Work, Concentration - Health and Mental Health 

Clark Atlanta University

Bachelor of Social Work

Florida Atlantic University


Nestor, D., & Husain, A. (2020). Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic through an examination of mental health and health disparities in the black community [Monograph]. The Black Perspective Monograph, 3, 1-116